Friday, November 22, 2013

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust

When we first met, you were slim and an avid sprinter. Must have fed you too much, our sizes are kinda similar now  

Throughout the years you have brought us endless joy and laughter with your hyper-activeness. (Oldie might slightly disagree on this point)

Thank you, my dear friend and best companion, for being a part of our lives.

Do not fear where you are going, for there will be friends and people who will treat you with kindness. But remember that if need be, there will always be a home, and family who loves and misses you dearly.

RIP my beloved Brownie / Fatty

With lotsa love. x

Photo: When we first met, you were slim and an avid sprinter. Must have fed you too much, our sizes are kinda similar now :/

Throughout the years you have brought us endless joy and laughter with your hyper-activeness. (Oldie might slightly disagree on this point)

Thank you, my dear friend and best companion, for being a part of our lives. 

Do not fear where you are going, for there will be friends and people who will treat you with kindness. But remember that if need be, there will always be a home, and family who loves you dearly.

RIP my beloved Fatty

With lotsa love. x

Thursday, May 31, 2012

NEW FIND: Wall St Bistro, Siglap

I'm so proud of myself! It's one of those occasions where I find a new hangout (less publicized on the internet and absolutely not recommended on hungry-go-where) that's a real gem... just that this time it's in Siglap (yes, god knows where)

I feel like I'm truly transforming to an Upper East Sider! (think gossip girls *giggles*)


Nested in the comfort of the Manhattan homes - seriously in the middle of nowhere - a row of shophouses have popped out (like mushrooms) with contrasting stalls housed awkwardly next to each other.

I mean seriously, to the left there's a car workshop, which is next to your neighbourhood friendly fruit stall (eww the bananas with fuel stench), followed by Blooie's. Gross.

Standing tall opposite these shops is a solo, somewhat classy-looking, bistro - probably looking out (and down) at its cheapo neighbours. Heh!

Introducing, the Wall St Bistro!!~~

This picture doesn't do the restaurant / cafe justice! I'm just a sucky photography - and the interior is much better looking than this. (Was with my boss and didn't want to, er..., appear suaku)

Being price conscious (cough, me paying) I spied on the menu before entering..
What a bargain! $30 steak, $15ish spaghetti, $10ish escargot.

Their signature dish is their steak with random-special-yummy sauce, think it's mushroom, truffles and something else. Tough on the outside but succulent on the inside, and super filling even for a big eater like myself.

Didn't manage to take a picture of the interior (busy eating, omnomnom).
Meat was sweet but not bloody, I usually like bloody but this was medium rare and al-dente. Love it!

I think this dish was the most expensive and probably brought us back by only around.. $30 bucks?

Boss ordered the half-rack ribs (honestly he wanted to be greedy and order a full rack but the restaurant manager kindly advised that it's too much!) ... and his wife was watching by his side so he didn't really have a choice, hahahaha!


This was good as well - but not as perfect as the steak - but half rack was too little. I could sense Boss greedily eyeing my steak after he was done with his portion.. oh and it's not so expensive as well, probably around $20ish?

I used to love the ribs at Tony Romas but I've grown out of it. After having Hurricanes at Bondi, who would want sub-standard Tony Romas ehs?!! Wall St has kinda rekindled my love for that full rack.

Seafood Aglio Olio was a so-so dish.. around $15, a bit too salty though.

I genuinely cannot wait for my next visit back to Wall St Bistro, but sadly you need a car and my predicament as a lady driver WITHOUT a car doesn't really help.

Yoohoo, anyone hear me out there? :)


Ok, till next time!

Wall St Bistro
1 Figaro Street

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


没有别的原因,就因为我这小小的世界这些年来因为有了你而添加了喜,怒,哀,乐, 还有填得满满的幸福!!!!! 谢谢你的爱 :)


Anyway 研究下来才发现真实故事还是跟电影有点差异的。

这是片中的男主角们 -

现实中的男主角们 -

Urghzxs.. 小胖是哪位呀?真是拿不定主义。

Saturday, January 21, 2012

2012 年唯一的期望


Monday, December 26, 2011

안녕하세요, Return to Kimchi Land

An average Singaporean travels 3.4 times a year, with city-destinations within a 7-hour flight range topping the charts. The usual (culprits)? China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea. And since we have the annual NATAS fair to drive attractive promotions as such, how can my dearest Boon not get hooked?

So, for our precious annual trip this year, I visited (freezing-our-butts-off) Korea for the 3rd time running.


Honestly, I never had a pleasant memory attached to this country, or rather Seoul as a city since I've only ever been there. Probably attributed to the fact that we follow tours ALL THE TIME that require us to follow a grueling wake-up-at-SEVEN-AM routine. Annoying thing is, despite my pleas, B still followed a tour this time round. GRAH!


Anyhow, Jeju Island has this really unique place called the Trick Art Museum.
Everything's painted on, so I'll let the pictures do the talking :)


Love the feet-sticking-out shadow effect (smells)

 !!! And he still smiles..

The missing piece of perfection in Da Vinci's.
He must be rebelling in heaven, hoho!

You can touch it, but you can't have it!

Go Figure! :)

After studying so much about Ames' Room, I FINALLY get to experience one!

We had much fun playing around in there, but this is probably the only attraction worth visiting in Jeju Island. Apparently they did try to open one in Singapore, but it failed... prolly due to the exorbitant rental cost!

The rest of the days were spent wandering around Seoul for (what else?)

Food Glorious Food..... 

Cheerful Omma at the street food stall.
Boon thinks I'm addicted to rice cakes in Korea... Half truth.

What you will find in a Korean luggage bag. 
They supposedly bring this everywhere they go, just so a meal doesn't go by without their precious KIMCHI!

Hippies' Kimchi Baked Rice Cake. Not a bad concoction!
(Taken @ Pomato)

The really obscure Kimchi (Fish) Roe

Chicken with Tang Hoon and Rice Cake. Similar to the Chinese 大盘鸡.
Had this in a little restaurant at Insadong.

Famous Korean BBQ!!! Mwahhaaha. It's everywhere, and anywhere.

Quaint restaurant @ Insadong...

... that serves the weirdest looking puke-inducing bowl of alcohol.
Quite an experience, I'ld say!

Random sweets that look too sweet for human consumption.

Real Korean food at a local wet market, I think it's the Kwang Jang Market..
I think. =\

What is added in the hotpot. And I always wonder what that black thing is. Sausage anyone?

Sochu - Some weird tasting pure alcohol. Do not try on the rocks.

Korean pancake. Oily and mediocre.

Everything (including meat, fishballs, vegetables) are allll Kimchi flavored alarming RED. This was taken our final night there so it really made my stomach flip.


Ok, time to sign off. I'm going for a food hunting tour over CNY so that will be real exciting! <3


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I miss Bali...

If there's actually a destination I can visit over and over again, that'll be Bali :)
First we enjoyed the fancy Nusa Dua,
During my 2nd visit we partied hard in KUTA (!!)
And now..... time to experience the arts centre, 



Our beautiful villa booked by Esther :) @ Barong Resort.

Our private pool (which was cleaned everyday) though we only stayed-in the first night -.-
We even had our own cleaning crew, so what's there to complain about?

BIG, Clean and pretty toilet which is sadly also animal (frogs) friendly... but being a toilet freak this one kept my stay really satisfying :)


DAS FOOD. Murni Warung was brunch-ish dining by the waterfalls - pardon me our cameras ran out of batt before the food came - good relaxing meal to kick off our stay. 
Food's average but they make it up with the ambience.

But being the true-blue travelers, Bryan and Est brought us to eat the REAL "holiao" - Naughty Nuri.
REMEMBER: Your Nuri must always be naughty enough 'cos there's heaps of imposters around!

Didn't really like the much talked-about Bebek Bengil (Dirty Duck) but they're alcoholic cake was super YUMS. I sneaked one out in our take-away box, in a failed attempt to "surprise" boon for his birthday.

Became more of a joke, with that icing plastered to the cover.

Babi Guling - Rollin' Pork - is perhaps the most retro sounding dish that makes my throat dance the cha-cha whenever I visit. Do not fret, it is super sinful and filled with pork oil and pure fats.

But man, is it heavenly......... (drools)

Just have a look at this guy's face and you'll know I'm not kiddin.

Okay, enough of the food for the lack of it is making me severely depressed.


So recently there's been much talk about this happening place near Bali called The Gili Islands. Sounded interesting, so we decided to visit.

Basically Gili comprises of 3 islands - namely Trawangan, Meno and Air. Both Trawangan and Meno require deep-sea diving, so we visited Air, the only island conducive for shallow-water scuba.

This is how it looks on commercial...

But in reality...

This was what we got.

It's not that bad, honestly, cos there're still living, swimming things in the sea and the absence of the monstrous sea urchin is a huge relief. However, I read somewhere that some freak weather changes caused by a certain ENSO has effectively destroyed the first 20m-depth of sea life....

So, there's still not much there.

Then again, we only visited Air, so maybe Tadawang or Meno have more stuff?


WATERBOM - It's da Bomb man!

If there's ONE PLACE in Bali you can't miss, it's Waterbom

You can call it a water theme park, but it promises exhilarating FUN for your company. (I sound like the damned commercial already!)

Ok, I'll give you an example of the RIDE.



(freaking 60 degrees 8-storey slide)

and, last but not least.......


(gotta love the person who did the namin' for this rides though, haha)


Anyhow this trip was a real fun with my lovely drinkin' golfin' hangin' buddies & nicely planned by Esther ^.^v

Till the next trip again....

(my hair is all over the place but it's our only grp pic -.-)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Back to School...

As part of my new job, I'm supposed to be in-charge of something called, Corporate Social Responsibility. Or maybe, corporate community work?

Anyhow, we worked with a secondary school to kick-start this programme with laboratory visits to teach (exclamation mark!) chemistry (oh-my-gawwdddd). Just in case you haven't noticed, I hate teaching, and I hate chemistry even more. Pfft.


Surprisingly, It didn't turn out that bad! You see, I just learnt there are two key qualities a teacher should possess.

1. The ability to project your voice like a loudhailer
2. To control young crowds and be stern. (I kinda overdid the stern part)

So teaching isn't that tough, given that the teacher-in-charge chose the creme of the crop for us.. the most well-behaved students in school. :)

Haha, but seriously, it's no simple feat. You can't speak to them like Adults, cos they're really just beginning their teens, and you can't speak to them like kids, cos they are too intelligent for that.

AND THEY ASK YOU CHEEKY QUESTIONS! Like... is your company the only one selling this product?!!



So I salute all teachers out there, who brave through daily storms with our young minds.
Who manage to inspire amid all the perspiration.
Who love students they don't really know.
Oh, who climb stairs and work in non-airconditioned environments.

And darling, I will not mock at your profession again. ;)